Rotor Builds

Tomoquads CS110 Build

The CS110 or chopsticks frame is designed for speed. Its arms are 3mm thick and 6mm wide for less wind resistance. You can use 4 separated ESCs, but it won’t look good. This design is perfect for 4 in 1 ESC for cleaner build. It’s a low profile frame to reduce drag and it’s light. […]

Eachine C800T CCD 800TVL camera with 2.5mm lens and OSD Review

Eachine CCD 800TVL camera with 2.5mm lens and OSD is probably one of the best FPV cam that you can buy on that price range. It looks similar to the Runcam Swift 2 Black with 1.8mm lens because of the shiny black metallic finish. One feature unique is the built-in OSD joystick, but it could […]

Tomoquads Mikro 78 Build

When my Bee 90 build crashed and broke, I had to transfer some of the electronics to something similar (dead cat frame). My first choice was this Mikro 78 by Tomoquads. I really like Tomo’s designs so I ordered Mikro 78 and CS110. Tomoquads is no longer selling these two frames but they have new […]

Popsicle FPV – Micro Brushed 2s Quadcopter DIY Popsicle Frame

I crossed one item off my quad bucket list today. Yay! I broke all of my brushed carbon fiber frames, my tinywhoop motors are burnt and my 1s scisky build flies like sh#t. I needed an indoor brushed quad but I don’t want to wait for a CF frame from Banggood to arrive, so I built an […]

120mm Carbon Fiber Brushed 2s Build

I broke my SRD101 this morning while doing full speed and 180 degrees turn, it smashed on a concrete wall. So I’ve transfer everything to this $9 120mm carbon fibre frame. This is a complete package, it includes double sided velcro tape, rubber grommets and standoffs. Yes, all for only $9.99 GET THIS FRAME: >> HERE << What […]

E010 Tinywhoop Upgrade to 59000 rpm motors and Beecore FC

As of this writing, there are 4 available flight controllers for the Tinywhoop. The Beebrain, Beecore, Acrowhoop and Furibee. I bought Beecore simply because it’s cheaper and it’s F3 compared to Beebrain’s F1. So, what’s the point of upgrading the tinywhoop flight controller? One word, “Acro”. I will not go into details about it though lol, just go over […]