Popsicle FPV – Micro Brushed 2s Quadcopter DIY Popsicle Frame

I crossed one item off my quad bucket list today. Yay!

I broke all of my brushed carbon fiber frames, my tinywhoop motors are burnt and my 1s scisky build flies like sh#t. I needed an indoor brushed quad but I don’t want to wait for a CF frame from Banggood to arrive, so I built an X frame from popsicle sticks instead.

Parts List

Popsicle Stick
Wood Glue
F3 Brushed FC (2s capable) https://goo.gl/9sDqYL
8.5mm 2s motors https://goo.gl/GbMZyR
DSMX receiver https://goo.gl/rhWFwp
FX FPV camera https://goo.gl/XUkcBf

I used large popsicle sticks  to accommodate 8.5mm motors. The motor to motor distance is about 120mm.

Popsicle Stick Quad
Popsicle Stick Quad

The main problem I encountered was the motor mounts. I don’t want to use a hot glue to mount the motors, so I tried to use a broken motor as drill bit. I was hesitant at first that I might break the frame but it went well. Also, I did the loom bands technique and made a tighter fit. 😀

Motor Loom Band Technique
Motor Loom Band Technique

I’m happy with this build so far, not an appealing look but I’m very satisfied with it. Chopsticks next maybe? Hmm…

Here’s the rest of the gallery

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And finaly, the Flight Video


One thought on “Popsicle FPV – Micro Brushed 2s Quadcopter DIY Popsicle Frame

  1. What a silly idea – I think I’ll try it!

    I have some 3mm hardwood plywood that would be just the job; and varnished up it could look quite nice; i could become the Riva (classic boats for you uneducated) of quadbuilders, doing classy stuff for my upmarket clientele! 🙂

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