120mm Carbon Fiber Brushed 2s Build

I broke my SRD101 this morning while doing full speed and 180 degrees turn, it smashed on a concrete wall. So I’ve transfer everything to this $9 120mm carbon fibre frame. This is a complete package, it includes double sided velcro tape, rubber grommets and standoffs. Yes, all for only $9.99 GET THIS FRAME: >> HERE << What […]

E010 Tinywhoop Upgrade to 59000 rpm motors and Beecore FC

As of this writing, there are 4 available flight controllers for the Tinywhoop. The Beebrain, Beecore, Acrowhoop and Furibee. I bought Beecore simply because it’s cheaper and it’s F3 compared to Beebrain’s F1. So, what’s the point of upgrading the tinywhoop flight controller? One word, “Acro”. I will not go into details about it though lol, just go over […]