SRD 101 2s Upgrade


I’m one of the lucky winners of SRD101 giveaway by @storm_hobby. It’s a really nice micro quad equipped with SP F3 Evo brushed flight controller and 7mm motors. Perfect for indoor and outdoor FPV flying. I upgraded to 2s after after a few flights and I have to say this is how it supposed to be flown out of the box.

Upgrading to 2S

First thing to do is remove the soldered 1s jumper and short the 2s pads.

Snap 2017-01-14 at 00.32.34

Then buy the necessary upgrade parts haha, easy right?

  1. 300mAh-450mAh 2s battery [Buy Here]
  2. Rubber grommets [Buy Here]
  3. Loom bands (for tightening motor mounts and battery holder)
  4. 8.5mm 2s rated brushed motors [Buy Here]
  5. Buzzer, you’ll need it [Buy Here]

2s upgrades

I used the rubber grommets to mount the motors then tighten it up with loom bands. That’s it, get ready to fly!

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Flight Video


7 thoughts on “SRD 101 2s Upgrade

  1. How did you do the motor mounts for your 101? The 3d printed ones that come with it are the Achilles heal of this quad. Can you provide any suggestions for what you did? It looks like you have a custom set there. I have tried to find 3d models to print, I was also looking for whoop motor holders that I could modify for the motors, however this looks like a better solution.

    1. Hi Brian, I used rubber grommets as I mentioned above and shrink tube as motor base to protect the bottom part of the motors.

      1. Thank you, what about the buzzer? Where did you add the buzzer on the micro fc? I am very excited about these modifications. Can you email me some pics of your FC? Also any chance you could share your PIDS?
        Awesome Job!!

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