Realacc x210 Cheap Build

After months of flying and building brushed micros, I think it’s time to build a brushless mini. It needs to be cheap X frame, 4mm thick and below 250 size. Not an option to go high end right now because of 2 reasons: I’m going to crash it, a lot, and secondly I don’t have moolah for that high grade stuff yet.

I really like the Charpu QavX but because it will be used as a training drone, I need a low cost version. I saw some good reviews of the Realacc x210, this video made me click the buy button.

Banggood offers the realacc kit with F3 flight controller, 2300kv RS motors, 20A ESCs and 1 box of propellers. Perfect! I just need a VTX, camera and transmitter.


Realacc Kit $ 106.77
Spektrum Sat $ 5.89
Foxeer Arrow $ 36.99
ZTR mini $ 8.88
One Pair Mushroom FPV antenna $ 12.89

TOTAL = $171.42

I’m using 1300mAh 4s batteries. The motors screams at full throttle. Flight time is 2.5-4mins depending on how I fly it.

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Not as good as the video above (yet).

To be honest this build exceeded my expectations. I learned so much with this build since it’s my first brushless. It’s intimidating to fly at first but after 3 weekends crashing I learned to fly Acro mode. I still get tensed every time I fly it, but slowly gaining confidence.

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