E010 Tinywhoop Upgrade to 59000 rpm motors and Beecore FC

As of this writing, there are 4 available flight controllers for the Tinywhoop. The Beebrain, Beecore, Acrowhoop and Furibee. I bought Beecore simply because it’s cheaper and it’s F3 compared to Beebrain’s F1.

So, what’s the point of upgrading the tinywhoop flight controller? One word, “Acro”. I will not go into details about it though lol, just go over to Oscar Liang’s blog. All racing quads are meant to be flown in Acro flight mode, nothing else! I built this for myself to train acro or rate mode flight indoors.

I also upgraded the motors to Chaoli 59000 rpm motors. Higher rpm means faster right? This is the highest RPM 6mm motors in banggood right now. There may be higher rated motors in the next 3 months but this will do for now.

Beecore + 59000rpm motors
Beecore + 59000 rpm motors


Eachine E010 $13.99 http://bit.ly/TinyWhoop
BEECORE FC $29.99 https://goo.gl/hnKogs
Chaoli 615 59000rpm motors $10.99 https://goo.gl/NgKf7v
FX 798t VTX + Camera $39.68 https://goo.gl/XUkcBf

** There is a cheaper kit available now. Check this out http://rotorsyndrone.com/product/beecore-tinywhoop-set.

Assembly is straight forward since all motors has a 1.25mm connector. I had to change the polarity because all the motors sent to me were clockwise.

I also soldered a 1.25mm connector for the camera for easy plug and play.

I used double sided foam tape on top of the FC to mount the camera and secured it with a zip tie. Loom bands can also be used but they break easily since the VTX turns warm while flying.

This is my first FRSky board. I always use DSM2/DSMX satellites. So I did a bit of googling on how to bind it ;P Thanks to this guide: Beecore Quick Guide

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If you got some questions I would like to help. Leave your comments below and I’ll Google the answer for you. lol just kidding, I’ll try to answer them.



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