Bee 90 – 90mm Carbon Fiber Brushless Build

After 4 hrs of building… here she is! My Bee90


This is my first micro brushless build. My initial plan was to use a triblade propellers but I heard good results with gemfam 3025 so I used it instead and cut to fit. I’ll probably use the triblade when I break the 3025.

It was hard to fit the PIKO BLX flight controller because the frame doesn’t have a 20×20 mount. I had to place the m2 nylon standoffs on the side.

ESCs are placed at the bottom for cleaner look. More photos here



FC PIKO BLX $ 23.99
MOTORS + ESC Racerstar 1103 10000KV + 6A ESC $ 57.69
FRAME BEE 90 $ 5.99
CAMERA + VTX TX03 $ 26.99
RECEIVER Redcon Spektrum Satelite $ 5.89
PROPS Gemfam 3025 $ 1.87
SPACERS, CABLE TIE, ETC M3 spacers, etc. $ 5.00
TOTAL $ 127.42

**Prices may change, please check the link for updated price.

I’m using 2s 300mAh batteries but I think 450mAh nano-techs are better with higher c rating and increased flight time. I only get 2-3mins flight time with 300mAh depending on how I fly it.

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quick test runs

Using Gemfam 65mm propellers

8 thoughts on “Bee 90 – 90mm Carbon Fiber Brushless Build

    1. Boss Alvin, thanks! nasa ilalim yung ESC. sigi update ko yung post dko nga pala naipakita hehehehe. thanks for pointing that out man.

  1. Just want to say awesome quad! Used your build as a primary reference to build myself a bee90 too! May I just ask, what ended up being your all up weight inc. battery? thank you for the guide. Happy flying.

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